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The Iron Fairies

The Iron Fairies.
The Iron Fairies are based upon the original story written and illustrated by Ashly Sutton.  Each fairy had a rough life span of 3-6 years before they slowly turned back to rust, we know now from the final diary that two miners created the perfect formula.  When you purchase an Iron Fairy, they come with a small vial of this formula (Magic Fairy Dust).  Follow the instructions and this will set your fairy free from rust.
They are all branded with their own serial numbers, and individual name tags. The Iron Fairies are all handmade and no two are exactly alike.  They represent a unique image of old world charm combined with a feeling of emotion and mystery.

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  • Miner Merv

  • Miner Binzy

  • Fairy Erin

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  • Fairy Alana

  • Miner Coli

  • Fairy Asria

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